Light Duty Racking System

TTF D.I.Y Colour Rack

TTF D.I.Y Colour Rack

TTF D.I.Y Colour Rack (Different Colours) 

Specifications : 
Dimension : Height x Depth x Length x Shelves Level x Decking Material


Product Code

Dimension Shelve Level Decking Material Loading Capacity


FB51236LG 1710 x 300 x 900  4


  High Density Fiber Board 

80 kg UDL/ level       
FB51436 1710 x 350 x 900 


FB51448LG 1710 x 350 x 1200        
FB51430 1530 x 350 x 750 

Beam :

Angle Post :

FB571224BK 1450 x 300 x 600 100 kg UDL/ level        
 FB1452760BK  1450 x 270 x 600
 FB1452790BK   1450 x 270 x 290 


TTF D.I.Y. Rack design is available in fiberboard shelves. It is a quick and easy installation with a TTF Boltless Rack concept system that makes it easy for home and office usage. In addition, it is the combination of 2 units of the rack by a joint bracket. Hence, it allows the user to choose to have 2 shorter units or join together and become 1 taller unit. The TTF D.I.Y. Rack is supplied in 1 carton box for convenience and transportation.
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