KOMADA Stacker

KOMADA Fully Auto Stacker

KOMADA Fully Auto Stacker

KOMADA Fully Auto Stacker 


Product Code  EST 152-1527 EST 152-1530   EST 152-1536 
 Drive unit Electrics
 Operator type Pedestrian
 Rated capacity (Q) 1500 (kg) 
 Load center distance (c) 500 (mm) 
 Load distance (x) 798 (mm) 
 Wheelbase (y) 1212 (mm) 


 Service weight (include battery) 595
 Axle loading. laden driving side/loading side 825 / 1270
 Axle loading. unladen driving side/loading side 450 / 145

 Types Chassis

 Tyre type driving wheels / loading wheels PU/PU
 Tyre size, driving wheels (diameter x width) Ø210 x 70 (mm)
 Tyre size, loading wheels (diameter x width) Ø74 x 72 (mm)
 Tyre size, caster wheels (diameter x width) Ø180 x 55 (mm)
 Wheels, number driving, caster / loading (x=drive wheels) 1x +1/4 (mm) 
 Track width, front, driving side 531  (mm) 
 Track width, rear, loading side 405 (mm)


 Height, mast lowered (h1) 1956 (mm)  2106 (mm)  2406 (mm)
 Lift height (h3) + (h13) 2720 (mm)  3020 (mm)  3620 (mm)
 Height, mast extended (h4) 3271 (mm)  3571 (mm) 417 (mm) 
 Height drawer in driving position min. / max. 750/ 1340 (mm) 
 Lowered height (h13) 85 (mm) 
 Overall length (l1) 1713 (mm) 
 Length to face of fork (l2) 563 (mm)
 Overall width (b1) 792 (mm) 
 Fork dimension (s/ e/ l) 60/ 170/ 1150 (mm) 
 Fork carriage width 680/ 770 (mm)
 Distance between fork-arms 570/ 685 (mm)
 Ground clearance, carrier of wheelbase 25 (mm) 
 Aisle width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways 2224 (mm)
 Aisle width for pallets 800 x 1200 lengthways 2158 (mm)
 Turning radius 1390 (mm)

 Performance Data

 Travel speed, laden / unladen 4.2/4.5 (km/h) 
 Lifting speed, laden / unladen 0.08/ 0.14 (m/s) 
 Lowering speed, laden / unladen 0.11/ 0.10 (m/s) 
 Max. gradeality, laden / unladen 3/10 (%)
 Service brake type Electromagnetic

Electric Engine

 Drive motor rating S2 60 min 0.75 (kW) 
 Lift motor rating at S3 15% 2.2 (kW) 
 The maximum allowed size battery 250 x 165 x 210 (mm) 
 Battery voltage/ nominal capacity K5 2x 12/85 (V/Ah) 
 Battery weight 2x24 (kg) 

Additional Data

 Type of drive unit DC
 Steering type mechanical
 Sound pressure level at te drive's ear 74 (db (A)) 


KOMADA Fully Auto Stacker -EST152-1527, EST 152-1530 , EST 152-1536

Strong Chassis
The side impact beam, plates, and boxes make the chassis stronger and can greatly reduce stress and deformation caused by heavy load.

Rigid Mast
The rigidity of the mast is greatly improved by its beam structure to provide smooth lifting and stacking for daily operation.

Easy Operation
The extra-long and offset tiller with the crawl speed button provides EST152 a better visibility and nimble maneuverability when operating in tight space.

Efficient Hydraulic System
High quality hydraulic pump ensures very little noise, maximum efficiency,durability and shortens lifting time.
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