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Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley

Specifications :

 Product Code ST 20YW ST 100YW ST 125YW ST 150YW SH125A
Capacity (litre)  20 100 125 150 125
Height (mm)  620 985 1010 1020 1020
Width (mm)  300 560 560 560 560
Length (mm)  480 825 920 970 890
Colour  Yellow  Red


TTF Shopping Trolley

Alternatively, TTF Shopping Trolley plays a significant role in the retail industries, such as shopping malls, retail stores, supermarkets, etc. It is because a shopping trolley is needed to provide some assistance for consumers during the shopping process.

Some of the products are beyond and can't fit into the size and weight of the shopping basket. Therefore, a shopping trolley can fit bigger products and a large number of products. 
Hence, TTF Shopping Trolley comes with wheels that help to reduce the 'time wasted' and 'prevent accidents' like product damage, shopping baskets broken due to being overweight, etc.





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