KOMTEC Drum Handling Equipment

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler

Specifications :

 Product Code COT 350
 Capacity kg 400
Type of lifting  mm Hand/Foot Pump 
Operation type  Walkie 
Tilt Angle  180°
Material  Nylon 
Qty of Steering/ loading wheel  2/2
Whee Base mm 1080
Loading Wheel  mm Ø180 x 50
Steering Wheel  mm Ø180 x 50
Drum Vertical lifting weight (H1)  mm 1450
Drum elevation level  mm 1350
Drum 135° tilt height  mm 1250
Overall Length (L)  mm 1200
Overall Width  mm 960
Overall height (H)  mm 2030
Min. turning radius  mm 1250


KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler -COT 350

Specifically in catering drum handling issue, KOMTEC Manual Drum Handler is used to assist user in moving the drum around the warehouse/factory from 1 area to another area in an easier way.

-Remarkable versatility for raising, transporting, rotating and tilting with safe and easily operation. 
-It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet. 


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