KOMADA Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Auto Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Auto Hand Pallet Truck

KOMADA Fully Auto Hand Pallet Truck 

Specifications : 

Product Code  EPL 153-15
Drive Unit  Battery
Operator Type Pedestrian
Rated Capacity (Q) (kg)  1500kg
Load center distance (c) (mm)  60mm 
Load distance (x) (mm)  950(880) mm
Wheel Base (y) (mm)

1190 (1120) mm 


Service Weight (include battery)  115kg
Axle loading. laden driving side/loading side

540/1070 kg

Axle loading. unladen driving side/loading side 100/15 kg

Types Chassis 

Tyre type driving wheels/loading wheels PU
Tyre size, driving wheels (diameter x width) Ø 210 x70 (mm)
Tyre size, loading wheels (diameter x width) Ø 210 x70 (mm)
Tyre size, caster wheels (diameter x width) Ø 80x60 (Ø 74x88) (mm)
Wheels, number driving, caster/loading (x=drive wheels) 1x/4 (1x/2) (mm)


Lift Height (h3) 115 (mm)
Height drawbar in driving position min/max (h14) 750/1190 (mm)
Lowered Height (h13) 80 (mm)
Overall Length (l1) 1550 (mm)
Length to face of forks (l2) 400 (mm)
Overall width (b1) 560 (685) (mm)
Fork Dimensions (sxexl) 50x150x1150 (mm)
Distance Between fork-arms (b5)​​ 560(685) (mm)
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase 30 (mm)
Aisle width for pallets 1000x 1200 crossways 1650 (mm)
Aisle width for pallets 800x 1200 lengthways 1850 (mm)
Turning Radius 1390 (mm)

Peformance Data 

Travel Speed, laden/unladen 4/4.5 (km/h)
Lifting speed, laden/unladen 0.017/0.024 (m/s)
Lowering speed, laden/unladen 0.09/0.06 (m/s)
Max, gradeaility, laden/unladen 6/16 %
Service brake type Electric

Electric Engine 

Drive Motor rating S2 60min 0.75 (kW)

Lift Motor rating ar S3 15%

0.5 (kW)
The maximium allowed size battery 230x260x85 (mm)
Battery voltage/ nomimal capacity K5 24/20 (V/Ah)
Battery Weight 5 (kg) 

Addition Data

 Types of drive control DC
Steering Type  Mechanical 

Sound pressure level ar driver's ear

<74 (dB (A))


KOMADA Fully Auto Hand Pallet Truck - EPL153

Newly Designed Handle Head 

EPL153 uses lithium batteries and built-in chargers, so it can be used even when charged. It saves worries about the endurance and there is no need of special charging area. 

Pass Market Tests of Safety And Realiability 
EPL153 has 10-years market-tested components. 


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