In Asia, it seems that people prefer to buy instead of rent. This mindset is deeply influenced by our general impressions, ideology, culture, society, lifestyle, and education. However, from an economic point of view, the decision to buy or rent must be based on the purchasing power of the individual or the company and the actual circumstances of the local, such as tax rebates, tax exemptions, the existing value and rising space of the property or land.

Buying is not always a better choice than renting. When traveling, people will buy flight ticket from a place to another where people also rent a hotel room to rest and place their luggage. Most people will not buy an aeroplane and hotel just for travel purposes. Because people prefer to spend on some short-term needs at an affordable or acceptable costs. Renting also no need to worry about the depreciation, lifespan, maintenance costs, and storage costs for these short-term needs.

When you needed something for a short period of time, why buy it if you can rent it with reasonable price. TOP BINS also provided a few products FOR RENT as stated below.

Q-Up Stand (Round Head)
5ft Velvet Rope
Q-Up Stand C/W Retractable Belt
Display Stand A4 & A3